2014-02-01 Kevin KluesUpdate singals with proper default handlers and exit... old_9ns origin/old_9ns
2014-01-31 Kevin KluesUpdate pthread futex_waiti() to unlock after yield
2014-01-30 Ronald G. MinnichAdd more return info
2014-01-18 Barret RhodenProperly refcnt child processes
2014-01-17 Barret RhodenFixes VFS /dev/null
2014-01-15 Barret RhodenBetter debugging support
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenAbort vminit for now
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenVMRs that map page_maps are tracked
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenSplits the mm_lock
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenPage map interface and munmap changes
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenFixes memory leak in namec()
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenFixes waserror() memory leak in devwalk
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenFixed memory leak in namec()
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenFixes memory leak in dev stdout
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenPage flags are now atomic
2014-01-14 Barret Rhodenx86: Fixes bug in pml callbacks
2014-01-14 Barret RhodenMemwalks run CBs on all PTEs, not just PTE_Ps
2014-01-14 Ronald G. MinnichThis now enables vmx via vmxon and vmclear works too
2014-01-13 Ronald G. MinnichAdd a kernel log buffer
2014-01-13 Ronald G. MinnichAdd run support.
2014-01-10 Ronald G. MinnichCopying out the image sort of works
2014-01-10 Ronald G. MinnichPart-way to writing memory
2014-01-10 Ronald G. MinnichRemove a file committed by mistake apparently.
2014-01-10 Ronald G. Minnichsdata.c: remove a warning and put informational printk...
2014-01-10 Ronald G. MinnichWe can now set kvm at boot time
2014-01-09 Barret Rhodenx86: move the kernel up to 0x2000000
2014-01-09 Barret RhodenFixes off-by-one in readmem()
2014-01-09 Barret RhodenFixes multiboot parsing bug
2014-01-09 Ronald G. MinnichMake the panic just a wee bit more informative.
2014-01-09 Ronald G. MinnichMove vm.c and vm_mmu.c to vmx.c and vmx_mmu.c
2014-01-08 Ronald G. MinnichAlways compile in litevm and make sure it won't crash...
2014-01-08 Ronald G. MinnichThings now compile and link.
2014-01-07 Ronald G. Minnichsnapshot: Things now build, with warnings, but don...
2014-01-07 Ronald G. Minnichvm mmu support
2014-01-06 Ronald G. MinnichGet the vm support to compile
2014-01-04 Ronald G. MinnichAdd function prototype for NUMA-style allocation
2014-01-04 Ronald G. MinnichAdd flags that VMs need. But many other things do as...
2014-01-04 Ronald G. MinnichSimplify things and put VM info into per-cpu struct
2014-01-04 Ronald G. MinnichPlaceholder for vm support
2014-01-03 Ronald G. MinnichAdd the emulate support code
2014-01-03 Ronald G. MinnichAdd the skeleton for vm support
2014-01-03 Ronald G. MinnichBasic layout of the driver is sorta done.
2014-01-02 Ronald G. MinnichFix krealloc
2014-01-02 Ronald G. MinnichWire it in.
2014-01-02 Ronald G. MinnichAdd in minimal code for freeing a vm
2014-01-02 Ronald G. MinnichAdd a simple driver for vms.
2013-12-10 Barret RhodenAdds some features to 'root' script
2013-12-10 Barret Rhodenrtl8169 uses aligned kmallocs
2013-12-10 Barret Rhodenkmalloc_align()
2013-12-09 Barret RhodenClarifies minor PIT comments
2013-12-09 Barret RhodenRTL8169 driver fixes
2013-12-09 Barret RhodenMask PIT timer IRQ by default
2013-12-09 Ronald G. Minnichlore file.
2013-12-08 Barret RhodenDirty hack for serial I/O on Ron's AMD
2013-12-08 Barret RhodenFix race with x86 boot
2013-12-08 Ronald G. MinnichAdd a line of info to the Go docs
2013-12-08 Ronald G. MinnichAdd /tmp to /dev/root
2013-12-08 Ronald G. MinnichNIX 8169 driver
2013-12-07 Barret RhodenFixes AMD cpuinfo MSR problem
2013-12-06 Barret RhodenCleans up tests/
2013-12-04 Ronald G. MinnichBring convert files in from Inferno
2013-12-04 Ronald G. MinnichA few tweaks for new code from Interno
2013-12-04 Ronald G. MinnichInferno convs2m.c
2013-12-03 Ronald G. Minnichchange RUN script to not need mnt/hdd/kernel
2013-12-03 Barret RhodenMakefile can detect changes in alternate KFS dirs
2013-12-03 Barret RhodenHack for qemu's missed LAPIC timers
2013-11-27 Ronald G. MinnichFix ron's little script so it no longer uses the kfs
2013-11-27 Ronald G. MinnichFix the top level makefile
2013-11-27 Barret RhodenFixes tcpackproc's kname
2013-11-27 Barret RhodenConfig scripts take a machine name for c89
2013-11-27 Barret RhodenFixes mount bug
2013-11-26 Barret RhodenFixes ktask aborting
2013-11-26 Barret RhodenKernel alarms pass the alarm ID
2013-11-26 Barret RhodenDestroying procs will abort their syscalls
2013-11-25 Barret RhodenFix for concurrent syscall aborters
2013-11-22 Ronald G. MinnichNotes on using Go.
2013-11-22 Barret RhodenAlarm to abort syscalls, used in ping
2013-11-22 Barret RhodenFixes tchain corruption
2013-11-22 Barret RhodenFixes bug with cross-core kernel alarms
2013-11-22 Barret RhodenSYS_abort_syscall (XCC)
2013-11-22 Barret RhodenUserspace alarm service
2013-11-20 Ronald G. MinnichDon't print spurious interrupts
2013-11-20 Ronald G. MinnichShort doc on using go9p so people don't have to search...
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFixes PF in sys_exec()
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenAdds devalarm (#A)
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFixes O_EXCL support for 9ns
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenO_CLOEXEC support for 9ns
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenHack for mon_bin_run()
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFix up of file open flags (XCC)
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFixes name len error in #s
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenStub sleep in glibc (XCC)
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenAdds read-only umem helper
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenSafety checks in send_event()
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenKernel alarm handling moved to RKM context
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFixes reset_alarm_abs()
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenDev zeros the dir path before genning
2013-11-20 Barret RhodenFixes up readnum() and readstr()
2013-11-20 Ronald G. MinnichAdd sdsci.c
2013-11-18 Ronald G. Minnichscsi IO routines
2013-11-18 Ronald G. MinnichCleanup