ownerBarret Rhoden
last changeSun, 17 Nov 2019 18:13:00 +0000 (13:13 -0500)
2019-11-17 Barret Rhodenkconfig: use pkg-config for ncurses detection master origin/master current
2019-11-15 Barret RhodenShow inlined functions with (kernel)
2019-11-06 Barret RhodenUnmap pages mapped during a failed fill_vmr()
2019-11-06 Barret RhodenHandle ENOMEM during fork()
2019-10-23 Barret Rhodenvmm: reimplement the x86 instruction decoder test origin/test
2019-10-23 Barret Rhodenx86: add FL_STATUS (XCC)
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: clean up MSI handlers and vectors
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: use a proper allocator for IRQ vectors
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: msi: refactor pci_msi_enable()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: add deregister_irq()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: use RCU to protect the IRQ handlers list
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: return the irq_handler from register_irq()
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenRemove the KADDR check from pahexdump()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodendma: rewrite DMA allocations with arenas and KMCs
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: free the expanded hash table
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: add __arena_create() and __arena_destroy()
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