2015-11-13 Kevin KluesUpdate scripts for changes to default env vars akaros origin/akaros current
2015-11-13 Kevin KluesAdd script for initial setup with gerrit
2015-10-27 Kevin KluesChange #c to #cons for akaros random device
2015-10-26 Kevin KluesAdd support for SYS_OPENAT
2015-08-12 Kevin KluesUpdate README / add make targets in go-akaros-qemu
2015-08-03 Kevin KluesRename README -> README.md
2015-08-03 Kevin KluesUpdate README with proper markdown syntax
2015-07-28 Kevin KluesUpdate Getcwd() to match new kernel API
2015-07-28 Kevin KluesUpdate to new kernel API with SerializeArgvEnvp
2015-07-28 Kevin KluesUpdate go9pserver script
2015-06-26 Kevin KluesCall to pthread_lib_init() now unnecessary
2015-06-22 Kevin KluesChange akaros lib paths to be in subfolders
2015-06-05 Kevin KluesUse sigsets directly instead of assuming a long
2015-01-28 Kevin KluesManually merge go-1.4 commit cf622d758cd51cfa09f
2015-01-23 Godfrey van... Update Go on Akaros README for new busybox.
2015-01-22 Kevin KluesAdd extra csbypass case, when port known, and host...
2015-01-21 Kevin KluesBypass CS when ip addr and port are already parsed
2015-01-21 Kevin KluesUpdate go-bootstrap to match new ifconfig params
2015-01-20 Ron MinnichFailure can not happen. But when it does, spew a lot.
2015-01-16 Kevin KluesUpdate for new toolchain
2014-11-25 Kevin KluesShould always do the mkdir even if not doing rm
2014-10-17 Kevin KluesAdd shbang for bash at the top of the script
2014-10-02 Kevin KluesRevert "Initialize overflow of hash buckets to nil...
2014-10-02 Kevin KluesMake akaros specific implementation of memclr
2014-10-01 Kevin KluesUpdate semantics of time.now and runtime.nanotime
2014-09-30 Kevin KluesMkdir /usr and /tmp as part of go-bootstrap
2014-09-23 Kevin KluesApparently these generated .6 files need to be in the...
2014-09-17 Kevin KluesMajor cleanup of akaros fork/exec code
2014-09-17 Kevin KluesforkAndExec doesnt need a pipe on akaros
2014-09-14 Kevin KluesDouble the timeout for akaros
2014-09-14 Kevin KluesAllow ifconfig and root scripts to take params
2014-09-14 Kevin KluesUpdate to README
2014-09-10 Kevin KluesAdd longer timeout for akaros
2014-09-10 Kevin KluesPartially revert b0a0eb0abdc48c0a0640d7b11fc1f923acd45fac
2014-09-03 Kevin KluesFix TestTLSServerClosesConnection test for akaros
2014-09-02 Kevin KluesBetter error handling in queryCS for akaros
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesCleanup childfdmap stuff a little.
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesRemove unused directive
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesRemove reliance on "bytes" and "encoding/binary"
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesMake sure CGO is turned off, post akaros build
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesFinish up forkExec calls to finall pass os/exec
2014-08-27 Kevin Klueschdir / fchdir now take a PID parameter
2014-08-27 Kevin KluesMake all debugs go to stderr
2014-08-26 Kevin KluesFix TestExtraFiles (sort of)
2014-08-26 Kevin KluesDon't PROC_DUP_FGRP, instead SYS_DUP_FDS_TO
2014-08-26 Kevin KluesRevert stuff related to childfdmap
2014-08-25 Ronald G. MinnichAdd support for childfdmap.
2014-08-24 Ronald G. MinnichFix the constant that defines the DUP_FDS_TO system...
2014-08-24 Ronald G. MinnichThe pipe has no use in Akaros since we don't have fork.
2014-08-22 Kevin KluesAccidental removal from akaros in netpoll.goc
2014-08-22 Kevin KluesRename is done via syscall, not wstat
2014-08-22 Kevin KluesSupport both Hw and Sw trapframes for contexts
2014-08-22 Kevin KluesKen asssembly reserved stack space
2014-08-20 Ronald G. Minnichos/exec: less broken implementation of fd passing
2014-08-19 Ronald G. MinnichAkaros: skip all tests requiring DNS and another seqpac...
2014-08-19 Ronald G. Minnichakaros: we don't do /etc/hosts
2014-08-19 Ronald G. MinnichAkaros: skip all tests requiring DNS and another seqpac...
2014-08-15 Kevin KluesChmod and Fchmod are no longer direct syscalls
2014-08-13 Kevin KluesGetwd shouldn't have a trailing slash included
2014-08-13 Kevin KluesRemove cgo calls to chmod and fchmod
2014-08-13 Kevin KluesStop building akaros as part of file_posix.go
2014-08-13 Kevin KluesAdd the Wstat and Fwstat syscalls for akaros
2014-08-13 Kevin KluesCompile in for akaros as well as plan9
2014-08-12 Kevin KluesAdd implementations for rename and truncate
2014-08-12 Ronald G. Minnichminor change to forkAndExecInChild to pass len of argv0
2014-08-12 Kevin KluesNeed to add !akaros to list in lookup_stubs.go
2014-08-08 Ronald G. MinnichAkaros: add a user lookup package for akaros.
2014-07-31 Kevin KluesInitialize overflow of hash buckets to nil before use.
2014-07-23 Kevin KluesStore the output of the rpc in a file, not a var
2014-07-23 Kevin KluesNo need to cleanup on the server side after test.
2014-07-23 Kevin Kluesnacl skips this test, and so do we now
2014-07-18 Kevin KluesGet rid of -n, and just don't output anything if ""
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesAlways build the cpio archive, whether build or test
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesJust dont set CGO_ENABLED when running tests for akaros
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesEcho output from go_akaros_${GOARCH} with -n
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesAdd syscalls for chmod, fchmod, rename, and fchdir
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesAdd parlib calls for chmod() and fchmod()
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesAdd ability to get errno and errstr from parlib
2014-07-17 Kevin KluesMove func definitions so I know they've been ported
2014-07-16 Ronald G. MinnichFix symlink and readsymlink
2014-07-16 Kevin KluesRemove extranous text. Oops
2014-07-16 Ronald G. MinnichSkip this for akaros
2014-07-16 Kevin KluesPass the crypto tls test
2014-07-16 Ronald G. MinnichProperly size the string. Requires the corresponding...
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesOnly remove the EXEC, not the BUILD_DIR\
2014-07-15 Ronald G. MinnichCorrect implementation of getwd.
2014-07-15 Ronald G. MinnichSkip this on akaros as well as nacl.
2014-07-15 Ronald G. MinnichSkip a test we can't do. Also, be more informative...
2014-07-15 Ronald G. MinnichSKip akaros on these tests
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesPush the 'exit' call into the rpc call, not distributed...
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesChange default port to 5555 and copy all scripts from...
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesDon't delete the contents of the mntdir by default
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesUpdate when getting the src for the 9pserver
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesNo need to copy the cpio file, and abstract port number out
2014-07-15 Kevin KluesSupport building gotests for distribution in $GOROOT...
2014-07-10 Ronald G. MinnichGo testing: add some exit commands
2014-07-07 Kevin KluesCompiling and running
2014-07-07 Kevin KluesMerge tag 'go1.3' into akaros
2014-07-02 Kevin KluesAdd PROC_DUP_FGRP flag and remove erroneous files
2014-07-01 Kevin KluesDon't pass -c to netcat